Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list? 
Can't find things because of clutter? 
Feel like there is not enough hours in the day? 
Have you found yourself thinking "I wish there were Two Of Me"?
Let's lighten your footprint!

Personal Assistant

  • Facilitate maintenance of high end vehicles and personal aircraft
  • Home Office  Setup/Organization
  • Flow of paperwork in/out of home/office
  • Customized; effective & practical filing methods for personal preference

Household Management

  • Hiring household staff such as Contractors/Trades, Gardeners, Maids
  • Co-ordinate maintenance and upkeep of a home
  • Customize filing systems tailored to household needs
  • Ongoing monthly support available  

Downsizing & Moving Support

  • Liquidation of a life's acquisition and clutter
  • Auctions, garage sale, donations
  • Practical support in transitioning to new accommodations
  • Effective and sensitive support in a estate liquidation
    (what to keep/what to toss)

Executive Services

  • Facilitate maintenance of assets, vehicles, homes, etc.
  • Holiday & Special Occasion shopping for staff (pick-up, wrapping & delivery)
  • Targeted behind the scenes assistance
  •  Liaison