A & C

Nina, I’m so glad I called you!  Just knowing you were coming put the wheels in motion, and got me started on a job I’ve been putting off for a good part of a year, as you discovered.  My Bedrooms and Closets are finally what they should be! Thanks again for your help!!!...


I can’t believe what we got done in 3 hours… thank you so much for your help cleaning out my garage, it was a huge job! You had some amazing ideas for organizing and storage, I couldn’t have done it without you… (I know this because my husband and I have tried!)… Your phone number is in my back pocket and I’ve got a long list


Ms. Sparks’ skills helped me retake control of my office.  She is wonderfully observant, a good listener, and is able to quickly enact practical, effective methods of identifying what is outdated and can be shredded, reorganizing current files to make them logically and conveniently available, and backing up reference files that may be useful in the long run.    She introduced some shelving and filing units that are attractive and effective additions to th